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3D Exterior Visualisation

Photorealistic 3D animation of complex design and architectural projects, accurate visualization of the spatial qualities of a real-estate, property.

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3D Product

Exact modeling and full 3D visualization of a product, prototype or a complex solution according to precise documentation.

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3D Technical

Engaging 3D animation of complicated mechanisms, detailed animation of system components functionality and their interaction.

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3D Interior Visualization

Stunning 3D animation of the future building’s interior. Selection of furniture, lighting and decoration with help of an experienced interior designer.

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360 Virtual Reality

Immersive 3D interior experience, tours through three-dimensional space with the possibility of a 360° view without need to be physically present there.

GK 3D studio helps you to visualize in a brilliant and gorgeous way,
using state of the art 3D and VFX techniques.
Over 30 finished projects for almost every imaginable industry
gives us confidence in delivering our exclusive
product at an affordable price.

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